3D Graphics




One of the first larger, more complex 3D models I made. This one was not made for a game, but instead for being printed in a 3D printer. Modelled in Autodesk Maya, textured in Autodesk Mudbox, with some finer details made in Adobe Photoshop.



I decided to spend some free time making a 3D model of one of the most wellknown magnum revolvers. Apart from some extra edges and polygons to remove, that I kept in there to make it easier to sculpt and texture, it’s about finished on the modelling side. At the time this screenshot was made, I have not finished texturing it.



A pretty well known fact in the game development area is that models has to be slimmed down effectively to make the games perform better so I did some experimenting on this hand model a while back. My way of work is usually to overuse polygons at first to make the model easier for me to work with, then afterwards remove or combine the polygons that are just unnecessary. As the image suggests, they look about the same, but the left model actually only has about a third as many polygons as the right one. The hand was meant for use in a first person view.


R915 (fictional pistol)

Another handgun I modelled on my free time. I am not completely finished modelling it yet, but it is meant to look like a slightly futuristic automatic handgun. I wanted to toy around a bit with creativity when making it so I decided to attach the magazine to the side of the gun rather than inside the grip as normal handguns usually has them and I also put a foldable grip on the front to stabilize the recoil when firing it.

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