Status: In development

Clean Up! is a game that me and a friend (Jimmy Johnsson) are working on as our graduation project. It is a puzzle game designed for smartphones, currently more specifically the Iphone 4 and later models.

As this is a exam project I cannot tell that much about it yet. It is vaguely inspired by the demolition game style, such as Angry Birds and Pain, but our concept is vastly different.










Status: In development

These five images are taken from a game I’ve spent some free time making in Adobe Flash. It’s nowhere near finished and I’m only working on it during some of my spare time so I cannot really set an estimate to when it’s finished. Much of it still uses placeholders, but most of the core mechanics are somewhat in working order so it’s in a playable state right now.

It is a platform game with several role-playing elements included, where you take control of a character in a medieval fantasy world. I would say the gameworld is based on a mixture of the world from Castlevania 2 (Konami, 1988) and the Legend of Zelda games, where you have a country to walk around in, yet the gameplay is completely a 2D side scroller. The character can walk, run, jump, climb, swim and also utilize some basic combat moves. Combat is pretty simplified, only using a basic attack move which varies a bit depending on the current weapon, and the character can also use a few special moves such as an air attack. As for defence, well there is no more defence than a defence attribute or dodging the attack altogether by jumping or moving.

Other gameplay mechanics involves magic spells, but other than a boss character who can throw a couple of magic balls at the character, I have not had time to create that many working spells yet, but I definitely have an arsenal of ideas where I hope to include most of.



Status: Project completed, expandable

Lavaflow Roll is the name of a smaller project I made using the Unity 3D engine. This was one of the first major shots I made into the programming area and was actually part of a school assignment. Made almost entirely by myself alone, with some smaller external help. It is heavily inspired by the classic Marble Madness games of old and the gameplay is largely similar.

The player controls a ball (granted) that is supposed to be rolled across a platform world with a few obstacles, such as revolving or moving blocks. To navigate some of them, the ball can bounce a small distance into the air.

I initially thought of setting a life/remaining tries mechanic, but ultimately decided to just use a death counter that goes up everytime the ball falls off the track and plunges into the lava. The goal is therefore to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

I am pretty proud of this project as I’m not studying programming normally so I was a bit surprised I managed to get a full level completed in just three days on my own. I also decided (and managed) to use an Xbox 360 controller for it, as I think it worked much better for these kinds of games.

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